Since 1988 Pollaro Custom Furniture, Inc. has been faithfully creating museum quality furniture of the master works of Ruhlmann. During this period, Pollaro has built furniture using the original proportions and specifications of Ruhlmann.

Essentially, Ruhlmann designed and drafted furniture and then passed the drawings on to his cabinet shop. Pollaro builds modern versions in much the same way. The plans are derived from Pollaro’s interpretations of original drawings, photographs, and in rare cases, measurements.

Pollaro has created strict reproductions of Ruhlmann’s most precious pieces, possessing the exact details of the originals that were produced in Paris during the period 1913 to 1934. From Pollaro Custom Furniture, Inc.’s New Jersey, USA workshop, you can confidently obtain furniture, which pays proper attention to the fine details that set Ruhlmann’s work apart from all others before or since. The essence of Ruhlmann’s lines, proportions and balance are captured.

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